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Allah 3D Wall Clock (L) 30003
Allah 3D Wall Clock (L) 30003
Allah 3D Wall Clock (L) 30003

Allah 3D Wall Clock (L) 30003

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This is a uniquely designed wall clock with a beautiful 3D printed Allah on it. The background has been created with bright colours to bring out the charm of this clock.

This mesmerizing display is a must-have in every home. It is an excellent reminder for us of 'The One' and to be grateful for everything we have in this Dunya. 

Our products are lovingly handcrafted and are one of a kind. Each piece is a design of its own. 

Originality is our signature here in AimParadise. 

Buy this product as a gift for yourself, family, friends and loved ones, and use this opportunity to make Da'wah and spread peace and love to everyone. 

* Actual colour of the product may slightly vary from the colour in this photo due to lighting.


Clock Material: High Quality, Safe Resin 

3D: High Quality, Safe Resin 

Size: 25cm Diameter

Weight: 200g